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I’m an enthusiast Ruby on Rails developer. I am always searching for better ways to increase my products and the ecosystem around them, like the open source projects I use daily.

When you don’t find me programming, you’ll find me reading, principally christian books, practicing sports as soccer or running, or having a happy hour with my friends and my wife.


FURBBlumenau, SC, Brazil
Feb ‘10 - Present
Computer science bachelorhood


Professionally I worked on many languages and tools, first with Delphi legacy products, converting a C application to Java, then writing new products in Java. And studying at the university, it was not very different, where the homeworks, at most, must be written in Java.

So, until the end of 2012, I was a typical Java/Delphi programmer, with some steps into other languages for study purposes, but nothing more deep than this. Then, in some shiny day of 2013, I’ve made a fork in my developer’s life, when I start to contribute actively in open source projects, and start to dive in this awesome community and discover every day more, what this world can teach me.

Today I’m working full time with ruby products. Building some form the scratch, and even giving support on old legacy products.

Improve my programming skills was always my objective, and with this new step, I am finding even more ways to make me better, and reach better solutions for everything I am doing, even using other languages.

If you want to know about my open-source contributions, take a look at my GitHub account or read my Open Source Report Card. If you want to know some of my achievements as a developer in GitHub, check my CoderWall account. And if you want to know somethings that I know about web development, check my Code School Report Card.

About idioms, I speak fluently brazilian portuguese (obviously), english in advanced level, and german at a very basic level.

Above, a list of some things that I worked with (professionally, contributing to open-source or just studying).

Programming Languages




Work experience

Ruby Craftsman/Fullstack Engineer

ateliware — Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Mar ‘14 - Now

As a craftsman rubyist on ateliware’s team, I was responsible by implement many custom-made Ruby on Rails applications from scratch, as well as maintaining them. Some of them were:

Each of them, me and some teammates built from scratch, and some of them were built in a record time, like the time tracking for coworking, that was built in just 2 weeks of work.

Actually, I am one of the developers of Pipefy, a BPM tool based on kanban principles.

Backend Team - Level 2 Developer

SENIOR SA — Blumenau, SC, Brazil
Aug ‘12 - Feb ‘14

After a new promotion and the end of the architectural restructuring, I was move to the maintenance team, to support the adaptation with the new architecture. What led me to some new experiences, visiting some final users of the systems. After the entire the initial adaptations, I was moved to the customization tool creation team, where I am charged of develop plugins for Eclipse IDE that constitute a feature for create web applications with the Senior own web development framework, based on the SOA architecture.

Backend Team - Level 1 Developer

SENIOR SA — Blumenau, SC, Brazil
Feb ‘10 - Aug ‘12

After the promotion, I was moved to a team that was responsible to make an architectural restructuring to support a new way to install the Senior distributed system, which have pretty more complex implementations than in the internationalization project. In this post, I was charged to convert an Windows CGI application, written in C, to a Java servlet, I have made the load balancer for the Senior distrubuted system, I help to write a new configuration API to the legacy products, and help to built the new installer from the ground up.

Backend Team - Intern

SENIOR SA — Blumenau, SC, Brazil
Feb ‘09 - Feb ‘10

As a member of the internship program, I worked mainly at the maintenance of legacy products written using Delphi, where I am charged principally of bug corrections. At the end of the internship, I was transferred to another team of 3 people, to make a back-end API to support internationalization in the system, where I start to make more complex implementations for new features in Delphi back-end API.

Find me at

+55 (47) 9128-3740
Rua Anne Frank, 1659
Curitiba, Paraná

Access this resume in portuguese here.