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Rails Installer - Site Translator


Once upon a time, a young brazilian guy felt he needs to do something more useful to the world. So, he translated a site to his language.

Nice to meet you, I’m that guy. And the lucky site was the Rails Installer site. But the guy (me) left a gift pretty more interesting that only the translation: the hability for YOU to continue this awesome history!

Right, enough fables. I refactor the site to support translations. If you want to translate it to your language, follow these steps:

About the story: if you are asking yourself if this was irony, maybe it’s a little, but this was my first step in the open-source community, and I’m really very proud of it. Even that’s a little step, finally, I’M IN!

And, if you’d never heard about it, I advise you to really take a look at Rails Installer. If you are using Rails with Windows, you will never regret this.

By now, it’s this, bye.

Published at 06 Jan 2014